Province of South Carolina
British colony
1729–1776 Blank
Capital Charles Town, South Carolina
Language(s) English
Political structure Colony
Legislature General Assembly
 - Established 1729
 - Independence 1776

The South Carolina Colony was originally part of the Province of Carolina, which was chartered in 1663. The colony later became the U.S. state of South Carolina.

The Carolinas were named for King Charles I of England. His Latin name was "Carolana" , the spelling was later changed to "Carolina". Originally a single proprietary colony, the Carolinas fell into a period of dissension, partly from neglect from the heirs of the original Lords Proprietors. Dissent over governance of the province led to the appointment of a deputy governor to administer the northern half of Carolina colony in 1691. The division between North and South became complete in 1712. The Yamasee War of 1715-1717 ravaged the backcountry of the colony. Complaints that the proprietors had not done enough to protect the colonists against the Indians in the Yamasee War and against the neighboring Spanish in Queen Anne's War convinced many in South Carolina of the necessity of ending proprietary rule. Consequently, a rebellion broke out against the proprietors in 1719. At the petition of the residents of the colony,the government appointed of a royal governor for South Carolina in 1720. (The governor of North Carolina would continue to be appointed by the proprietors until 1729.) After nearly a decade in which the British government sought to locate and clean out the proprietors, both North and South Carolina became royal colonies of the British Empire in 1729.

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