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Portal:United States/Did you know/1 100px

  • ...that Piscataway Park was created to prevent development and protect the view across the Potomac River from Mount Vernon (pictured)?
  • ...that Charles N. Haskell was the first governor of Oklahoma, and he played a crucial role in drafting the Oklahoma Constitution?
  • ...that the 1040-foot-long Starrucca Viaduct in Lanesboro, Pennsylvania was the largest and most expensive stone railway viaduct when built in 1848, and is still in use by the Norfolk Southern Railway?

    Portal:United States/Did you know/2 A Washingtonia palm

  • ...Washingtonia, (pictured) a genus of palm that produces a fruit eaten by Native Americans in the United States?
  • ...that the Land Run of 1889 resulted in the founding of both Oklahoma City and Guthrie, whose populations grew from zero to over 10,000 in less than a day?
  • ...that William Hawkins Polk, brother of President James Polk, was a U.S. Representative and ambassador to the Kingdom of Naples?

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