Lord Tung Lam CBE KG (1976 - Present) Edit

Tung Lam was a medical practitioner before he changed his career to an advocate in medical law (end of life issue) in 2009 at Hong Kong. Inspired by former US President Barack Obama‘s open engagement in Advance Directive in 2009, Tung Lam was firstly engaged in Advance Directive and then Voluntary Active Euthanasia in Asia.

With the support of President Barack Obama, he established Awakening Research Foundation Hong Kong Limited in 2012 which was renamed Eternity Living Life Company Limited in 2017. Both companies are the only verified representative in medical law (end of life issue) in Asia. With recommendation of President Barack Obama to British Monarchy, Tung Lam received his Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 2018.

Tung Lam received his political training at Obama Foundation and received political fellowship from Obama Foundation. He was recommended by President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump to be Chief Executive of Hong Kong. His recommendation was accepted by China. As Google Scholar and first doctor in Hong Kong, his publications were endorsed widely.

On 21 June 2019, previous Chief Executive of Hong Kong carrie lam was removed from her duty by Central Government of China because she kept her British Citizenship all along since she took up her position. British Nationality Law does not allow her to renounce citizenship for obtaining another citizenship other than a commonwealth one. Tung Lam was appointed by Central Government of China on the same day.

In view of his reputable international connection, he was again recommended to receive Knight of Garter (KG) or Stranger Knight in 2019 as a Foreign Head of State (Hong Kong) and he is on this extra list. [This serves to clarify the misunderstanding concerning his previously reported to be the final recipient of the conventional list.]

Previous Hong Kong, S.A.R. administration applies unlisted national law at West Kowloon One Stop Customs and this leads to Declaration of Independence Hong Kong on 29 August 2019. Tung Lam is recognised by United Nations as First President of Independent Hong Kong HKN 7 September 2019. Independent Hong Kong HKN is listed by The White House 22 December 2019. His constitution framework, presidential advisory, and secretary for defense are recognised by United Nations 18 November 2019. He is currently Official White House Fellow 2020.

Political life Edit

As announced by him, he intends to control the property market value of Independent Hong Kong HKN and to introduce his new medical law system to this nation.

He is the youngest head of this nation ever since the colonial years.


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